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Survey Says?

NCUA is piloting a new post-examination survey that will allow #creditunions to provide timely feedback to the agency while helping to standardize the feedback process.

Beginning September 20, 2021, through March 31, 2022, federal credit union managers or CEOs will receive a link to the post-examination survey from the NCUA #Ombudsman at the conclusion of a full examination. Credit unions will have 15 days to submit responses.

Credit unions are not required to respond to the survey.

The Ombudsman:

*will administer the collection of survey responses to maintain separation of the survey responses from NCUA staff conducting examination work/

*is responsible for reviewing survey responses, consolidating data from responses, and reporting the results to NCUA leadership.

Pilot Survey Questions

The survey will include five questions focused on pre-examination, reporting, and post-examination requirements. The survey will also include an open-ended question that will ask for credit union feedback on the types of questions the agency should consider in a future permanent survey. Three versions of the survey will rotate amongst credit unions with completed examinations.

Examination disagreements or reports of waste, fraud, or abuse should not be reported through the survey response.

This is a positive step and I encourage you to participate.

Need more help than a survey?

Reach out here or at info@marktreichel,com to learn how I assist credit unions achieve the best possible examination results so you save time & money.


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