"Invaluable Resource"

Dan P.

"Mark is an invaluable resource for insightful and practical advice on NCUA -related regulatory matters.  After working with Mark on several projects involving NCUA rules and applications, I've come to regard him as an indispensable resource.  With his guidance our team is able to identify regulatory risks that typically escape market participants.  In our time working with Mark he has shown a great ability to manage delicate matters with a deft touch.  I find Mark to be very practical, which makes it easy to turn his advice into action.  Finally, Mark is extremely well-versed  in the credit union industry, offering a unique perspective on both its history and its current developments."

Mike R.

"I had the pleasure of working with Mark for five and a half years when he was the Executive Director of the National Credit Union Administration and I was the Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisor to a Board Member who became the agency’s Chairman. Mark oversaw the day-to-day activities of the agency’s career staff of more than 1,200 across the nation. He rose up through the ranks of the examination staff to hold several key positions in the agency. The breath and depth of his knowledge and experience made him a valued and trusted member of the leadership team. As critical as his expertise was, however, it was his ability to think strategically, to plan and implement large scale projects, and to manage people that really made him stand out. Over the course of multiple economic cycles, and regardless of what party was in power in Washington, Mark calmly helped to navigate the agency through good times and bad, as well as several significant crises. Mark understands all aspects of the examination and regulatory process and how to achieve the best outcome for all parties. He has the scope and vision to assist with strategic planning, capital planning, and risk management, but also the skill set needed to get down in the weeds and get the job done. He is an excellent communicator with the ability to inspire those who work with and for him. He was admired and respected by everyone from front line examiners to Board Members.."

Bob S.

“When we needed assistance on obtaining approval from the NCUA to purchase indirect loan pools from a CUSO, Mark’s experience and expertise was invaluable. He made the process much quicker because he knew the language to use and the due diligence required prior to our request. We obtained everything we asked for, the first time. I know we would not have completed the process as soon as we did without Mark’s help.”

Debbie M.

" As chairman of NCUA, I valued Mark’s advice drawn from his expertise and leadership skills. Mark is a consensus builder with a calm manner who is readily approachable, affable and a creative problem solver."

Mark M.

"I have had the great honor and privilege to work with Executive Director Mark Treichel since I joined the NCUA Board in August 2014. I wish to thank you, Mark, for your much-valued assistance, keen sense of judgment, deft leadership, and compelling integrity over the years. You are hugely respected and much loved within the agency and that will serve as your enduring legacy.

When I think of Mark, I am reminded of a quote by Jim Rohn:

The challenge of leadership is to be strong but not rude; kind but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.

Kris V.

Mark’s knowledge, experience, and skill is evident in every discussion. His career path and experience is second to none in the credit union industry.


My board and I found engagement
insightful and engaging.


That all said, Mark’s real difference is both his listening and communication skills that set him apart from many professionals in our industry,

I would highly recommend Mark for almost any engagement within the credit union industry.