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NCUA's First Public Meeting Since Feb 2020

#NCUA had its first face to face Board meeting in more than 2.5 years yesterday. I was able to attend and snap this photo just prior to showtime. Ironically - I was the NCUA Executive Director at that last public meeting - which was pointed out by then Chairman & current Board Member Rodney E. Hood.

Public attendees outnumbered staff as NCUA transitions back into the building (as announced recently).

The agenda included proposals to change:

the Subordinated Debt Rule (highlight: is 30 year maturity option)

Bylaws related to Member Expulsion (highlight: added 3rd option to expel as required by FCU Act changes)

and an NCUSIF Briefing (Highlight: slowing growth and rising rates assist the fund)

It was a great meeting with good changes for credit unions and good to see my former colleagues and friends at NCUA.

I will have a With Flying Colors #Podcast on these items coming out next week.


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