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Guest Spot on ERM Perspectives PODCAST

I was recently a guest on David Seibert's new podcast called ERM Perspectives.

David is an ERM expert and I have learned many things about Enterprise Risk Management by listening to his weekly podcast.

In my interview on this episode of ERM Perspectives, we talked about the NCUA and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Topics include:

- My adventures starting in consulting, during the height of the pandemic

- Current NCUA priorities, such as fraud

- Staffing challenges for credit unions and the NCUA

- Todd Harper reappointed for a 6-year term

- What’s on Todd Harper’s agenda?

- How I helps credit unions

- Will the NCUA require ERM at some point?

- The catalyst for an ERM requirement by the NCUA

- The NCUA's very own ERM program

- My podcast "With Flying Colors"

If you are considering starting or improving your ERM program I recommend you listen to David's podcasts or reach out to him on how he can assist you directly.

Link to David's website and podcast:

Link to the YouTube video:


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