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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

"The Waiting is The Hardest Part"

Tom Petty

Are You:

Waiting for NCUA to Come In

Waiting for your Final Report.

Waiting for your CAMEL Rating

Waiting for your Document of Resolution

Waiting for your Exit Conference

Reach out to learn how my team of ex NCUA Subject Matter Experts and I assist our clients and eliminate much of the Hardest Part of the examination.

More on the song:

Tom Petty explained that the song's title was inspired by a quote from fellow musician Janis Joplin, who once said of touring, "I love being onstage and everything else is just waiting...

I was a senior in High School when this song was released on this day in 1981. I saw Petty and the #Heartbreakers on tour that year for the first and only time.


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