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So What Is #NCUA's Biggest Exam Focus this Year?

Back in my examiner days I was always asked what that one big thing NCUA added to the exam review for that year. Back then the agency did not have an exam Priority Letter to #creditunions like today.

In the chart above - I list all Priorities since 2017... you can see MUCH repetition...however there are subtle nuances in the text of the recent Letters.

My takeaway: Look at what is listed first (and what it says) and this year it is the Allowance for Loan Losses. In my opinion the key text is:

"An appropriate allowance methodology will consider all relevant and available information when assessing the collectability of the loan. This includes changes to a borrower’s financial condition, collateral values, and economic conditions because of the pandemic."

Meanwhile if you would like to discuss this or how I can help You have a successful examination experience, message me here or send me an email:

Here is a link to the full letter to credit unions:

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