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As Featured on Mike Lawson's CUBROADCAST

I had the pleasure of talking to Mike Lawson of CUBROADCAST about my consulting adventures in an RV. Mike is an excellent resource for all things credit union related and it was an absolute pleasure talking to him about my journey.

Ahh, the things you find on LinkedIn. Unlike my daughters who scroll endlessly through streams of silly TikToks, I like to scroll endlessly through post after post on LinkedIn. And did I find a quirky gem a couple of weeks ago from former NCUA Director and Examiner Mark Treichel (now semi-retired doing "NCUA Interpreter" consulting helping credit unions achieve the best possible exam results).

Seems Mark and his wife lived in their RV touring the state parks of Florida during COVID. And because Mark is a consultant, he discovered he could successfully conduct his NCUA consulting services "from the road" -- and did so for 165 days straight. Naturally, this piqued my curiosity to see how he pulled this off so well.

We invited Mark to come on the show and share his experience, as I'm thinking a lot of people would like to do something like this if they could. Maybe not 165 straight days, though.

This was a fun one. So enjoy our conversation with Mark, as he shares how was able to balance being a road warrior and NCUA consultant very successfully -- and continues to live the RV dream, looking to get back on the road very soon and tour the rest of the country.


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