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A Coming Wave of CAMEL Code Deterioration?

Did You know:

  • According to NCUA’s own data – CAMEL 3,4, and 5 Credit Unions peaked during the great recession In January of 2010 – when 19.5% of credit unions were a Code 3 or worse?

  • Currently, CAMEL 3,4,and 5 (as a % of the NCUSIF) are at or near ALL TIME LOWS of just 4%?

  • NCUA Chairman Todd Harper recently said “We know that a recession is coming. We just don’t know when and how severe it will be?”

If CAMEL Ratings again deteriorate to 2010 levels – that equates to a 387 percent increase in credit unions facing an undesirable code, a code which steals your time an energy away from your members and puts it that time towards trying to manage your regulator.

As you know, NCUA determines how much time they spend on your credit union, in great part, on your CAMEL Code. A decline in your code means more attention from NCUA.

While that might not happen to you– there is no doubt that the economic ramifications of the pandemic will impact many credit unions.

NCUA has already mentioned they are looking at the Allowance for loan Loss Account specifically related to the pandemic. See my story on that here:

That can and will trickle into some CAMEL codes.

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