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165 Straight Days Working And Living In An RV

10 Things I Learned

#1: An RV Is A Practical Escape During COVID

We bought our RV PRE-COVID to travel west in retirement, boondock, hit concerts and National Parks, while also being able to consult from the road.

COVID changed that plan so we evaluated our options and headed to Florida full time in late November in search of state parks and a place to call home.

#2: This Trip Will Go Down As Our Most Consecutive Nights In An RV Ever!

We came to Florida with a hodge-podge of camping reservations in a variety of state parks and no known end date. We didn’t expect it to last this long.

Most of our friends and family have similar responses when they hear how long we did this: “I don’t think we could do that.” Well, I don’t think I could do it again!

The walls did not close in except for a two week stretch of rain.

Also, once we found a place to call home, the psychological desire to end the streak intensified.

#3: Florida State Parks Are Simply Amazing

These public lands are beautiful and preserve “the Real Florida”. The staff and volunteers that run them are happy and helpful. A true treasure that all should experience. We will continue to visit these wonderful parks forever.

#4: Redundant Phone & Internet Systems Allowed Me To Work And Go Anywhere

Thanks to YOUTUBE’s "Mobile Internet Aficionados", I was able to find the best deals on “unlimited” hot spots and phones on every major service provider.

Chris and Cherie taught me the importance of redundancy so that I could always be available for my family and my clients.

#5: Working From Home Took On A Whole New Meaning In 21 Feet Of Living Space

As my consulting business grew a 21 foot RV/Van became smaller. While our back yard was all of nature, living and working in our “tiny home” became a bit more challenging every day, especially as I took on more clients.

The RV allowed us to search and research Florida and find a place to permanently call home. In March we found the perfect spot and we are now living in a one-bedroom condo in southern Florida, which seems massive to us

I am now able to serve more clients. . Leaving NCUA wasn’t retirement, it was a new beginning which has allowed me to help credit unions in a whole new way.

Reach out to see how I can help you achieve the best possible exam results so that you save time and money.

#6: The RV Community ROCKS!

While we have lived as NOMADs for nearly six months and follow many full-time RVers on YOUTUBE we have not yet watched NOMADLAND or read the book.

However, NOMADLAND has furthered the current RV craze.

We also met many YOUTUBE RV stars in our travels, which was really fun too. Since Florida was open for business the RV community seemed to be everywhere this winter!

# 7: RVs Put You In-Touch With Nature

As the Dave Matthews lyric says “Mountains and Oceans and Winters and Rivers and Stars” – it can all be yours, with an RV.

The freedom of an RV is simply amazing. Others have said it puts you back in touch with nature and that is true. I will never forget the Pelicans of Flagler Beach, the Alligators of Jonathon Dickinson, the Turtles of Anastasia Island, and all amazing birds of Florida, especially the little guy in the photo above.

#8: Smaller Is Better

At 21 feet our RV fit in most parking spots and all camping spots. Another great advantage to a small RV is the ease of moving from spot to spot. In many instances we stayed in a great state park for 14 days straight by having several reservations of a day or two in each spot. That cannot easily be done in bigger RVs.

#9: Want Less

A sticker on our YETI cooler says it all. I still brought way too many clothes!


Zoom calls in an RV are a great conversation starter.

Many people asked if I was in an RV, a Yacht, or my own private jet.

Would we do it all again yes, but I am not sure I could do it a second time! The memories will be with us forever, and our RV surprisingly accommodated us for nearly six months straight.

We plan to RV for decades and love our choice of vehicles, which by the way is: the Winnebago Travato KL which we named Satellite: a celestial body orbiting the earth.

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