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10 Ways To Avoid A Document of Resolution

1.     Don’t violate the Federal Credit Union Act or NCUA regulations.

2.     Comply with Your Own Policies.  Especially relative to Concentration Risk and Liquidity.

3.     Follow Your Strategic Plan.  If your plan didn’t include a bank purchase and one fall from the sky into your lap, address it with your board and in the board minutes as an opportunity to pursue and make an addendum to your strategic plan.  I have seen NCUA criticize a credit union more aggressively on regulatory issues when they took on projects outside of strategic plan.

4.     Communicate.  Often.  Alert NCUA to new programs.  Remember familiarity breed’s consent.

5.     Negotiate.  Try and get a DOR moved to an EF or Supplementary Facts.  You must play to win.

6.     Training.  Don’t skimp on training your board and staff.  This increases the likelihood of good performance.

7.     Subscribe to NCUA Express.  This will make sure you don’t miss what NCUA issues.

8.     Subscribe to my podcast.  We provide tips on how to succeed with NCUA.

9.     Avoid accounting issues.  NCUA always responds aggressively to accounting issues.

10. Provide NCUA with access to the CEO and the C-suite.

For more details check out this week’s episode of With Flying Colors.


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